In this chapter, we try to take up and answer general questions, which may help and support you during excitement to SUPERBOOTH18.
This cataloge will be constantly updated. 

I am a trade visitor, how do I get in ?

Please ask your suppliers or partners  = exhibitors to invite (their) trade partners like you, this could be Tiptop Audio, Make Noise, Bastl Instruments, Korg, Native or plenty of others that you can find under >Messe<. The exhibitors was equipped with nearly 1000 invitations for free to spread them and they was kindly asked to order even more to make sure, THEIR trade partners can meet them before 1pm here.

I have been invited for one day, but would like to stay for longer ?

If you have (just) one of day Trade Visitors ticket as an invitation you can buy the extension ticket on your own for one or two more days to be shown together with the trade visitors day ticket at the tickets to badge desk to let them give you a full time trade visitors badge for this.

I am booked as an artist and will come a day earlier already ?

Please get to the tickets to badge registration and get all further informations with your name from there. This will also be a good place to deposit your stuff in the warderobe.  

I have bought a ticket myself, what time should I get there ?

With a “normal” visitor ticket you can go upstairs at 1pm, before that already you are invited to visit the (nearly 50) exhibitors in the Foyer already, you can visit the workshop zone where DIY courses will happen that have to be booked extra, you can make a tour with the included park train, see the venue and grab a bite next to the see side stage to be well prepared to go upstairs at 2pm.

Is the Boot Ferry included with my ticket ?

The boot ferry will be included with the online tickets that have been already bought.  There is no possibility to buy a ticket on the ferry itself.  Places on the ferrys are limited and will be handled as first come first serve. For the night return ferrys you can (and in between should..) buy a reservation as addition to your Superbooth daytime ticket, these reservations will be boarded first and just the remaining places are “free”  ten minutes before leaving time.