We are very happy that SuperBooth21 again received a lot of media coverage. Thank you to all press representatives and video makers for your ongoing work and the extensive reports.

For Press and Media contact, please send an email to Timm Stobbe: ts@superbooth.com

Nice words about the event by Peter Kirn, cdm:

Maybe not a real “monster”, but still an extensive product show from peter Kirn:

The huge coverage from BoBeats with a 45 minutes video:

Some cool Video content from our friends from Adam Audio:
Sounds of Superbooth, Field Recording collage from Gourski
Interview and Concerts mit Remute und Gourski.

Short Live Konzert on the Adam Audio booth from Martin Stimming, who was also present as an exhibitor by himself.

Extended report and video roundwalk on amazona.de:

Teil 1:

Teil 2 with most of the new releases by the manufacturer:

Nice video with “no talking” by Mykola:

Another good 20 min video with many impressions by Holodeck Project channel:


This time even an award