This year again we had live radio directly from the Superbooth. On Thursday, the usual fix day for the program on PiRadio and Radio Woltersdorf, we were broadcasting for 24 h live on the UKW frequencies receiveable 88,4 MHz in Berlin and on 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.

Here you can listen to all show blocks. Detailed description is available after clicking the link of "Show 1-8"

Show 1: Herbert Eimert – Elektronische Musik (ger.)

Show 2: Start into three days of Superbooth, live from the radio station next to the oak. Morning talks and introduction of the day program with the radio and the Superbooth team. (ger.)

Show 3: 1/ Marc Gröszer, Thomas and Flakenberg (ger.). 2/ Matthew Allum from ALM Busy Circuits, 3/ Richard Nicol from Pittsburg Modular and Cre8Audio, 4/ Paul Barker from Dinsync (all engl.).

Show 4: 1/ Martin Stimming, 2/ Flakenberg with Max Tuchtenhagen (ger.), 3/ Gösta Wellmer von Elektron im Gespräch mit Niki Matita (engl.).

Show 5: 1/ Tom Ammermann (New Audio Technology) (ger.), 2/ Cile and Andrea are talking to the artist Lisa Morgenstern directly before her concert, 3/ Patientenantenne with Stroko, Fanny, Joycie and Niko Dinte. 4/ Willi Klotzek is starting his recording walk, 5/ André Kaufmann with Heinzel, the FunkenLux (ger.)

Show 6: 1/ Gene Berlin in a short conversation with Casper from SinuSoda (engl.), 2/ Niki Matita welcomes Tobias from Teenage Engineering for an extended conversation (engl). 3/ Willi Klotzek: Short talks with the lady on the toilet wagen, more talks with SuperBooth guests.

Show 7: 1/ Patientenantenne (Stroko, Fanny, Joycie and Niko Dinte) with audio files from the event and a visit on the table of Sonocurrent and DinSync. 2/ Cile and Thomas welcome Frank Deimel (Deimel Guitarworks) and SchneiderTM (Dirk Dresselhaus) (ger.). 3/ Dan Abbott and Ziv Lode from Pi Radio (Begilufin) in conversation with Alexandra Maciá (engl).

Show 8: Meanwhile it´s 22:00 – Thomas, Jero, Niki Matita, André Kaufmann and Christian Gierden (aka Karl Marx Stadt) trying their best for a summary of the day (ger.).


Thank you to all studio guests and everyone from the radio teams of PiRadio and Radio Woltersdorf for your effort and for being on board!
If you like radio, we recommend to check these station every Thursday, they have a great regular program.


SooperRadio 2021

For the very first time on SuperBooth we had live radio on Thursday over the entire day directly from the event in the FEZ. Thomas, Cile, Frank, Niki Matita and Jero were active directly at the place and broadcasted interviews, spontaneous sessions and live reports into the Berliner and Potsdamer radios. The radio station was located directly on the green field in front of the big W hall with exhibitors. The result of this wonderful day is a fresh and enjoyable mixture of personal conversations with manufacturer, artists and musical guests, some in German some in English. Here you can find the complete program to listen again.

Part 1: Morning show with Andreas and Jörg Sunderkötter, Jürgen Michaelis/Jomox, live impressions of the first day within the exhibitors plus music
Part 2: Jörg Schaaf / Radikal Technologies, Girts Ozolins / Erica Synths, Urs Heckmann / u-he, Gert Jalass / Moon Modular and Kurt Dahlke / Pyrolator