SooperRadio 2021

For the very first time on SuperBooth we had live radio on Thursday over the entire day directly from the event in the FEZ. Thomas, Cile, Frank, Niki Matita and Jero were active directly at the place and transmitted interviews, spontaneous sessions and live reports into the Berliner and Potsdamer radios. The radio station was located directly on the green field in front of the big W hall with exhibitors. The result of this wonderful day is a fresh and enjoyable mixture of personal conversations with manufacturer, artists and musical guests, some in German some in English. Here you can find the complete program to relisten.

Part 1: Morning show with Andreas and Jörg Sunderkötter, Jürgen Michaelis/Jomox, live impressions of the first day within the exhibitors plus music
Part 2: Jörg Schaaf / Radikal Technologies, Girts Ozolins / Erica Synths, Urs Heckmann / u-he, Gert Jalass / Moon Modular and Kurt Dahlke / Pyrolator
Part 3: Retrokits, TipTop Audio, Chris Berghäuser / Landesmusik Akademie, Kabuki
Part 4: Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto / hackedepicciotto, Gammon und Jan / Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, Francois / Shakmat
Part 5: Andreas / Tante Frizzante, Kim Bjorn / BJOOKS, Jim, Daniel Miller and Diane Zillmer
Part 6: Hainbach, JakoJako, Maarten Vos and a lot of nice music
Part 7: Extended conversation with Dieter Doepfer and music and music
Part 8: night talk with Christian Hoffmann (FOH Ultras), Florence To & Frank Bretschneider (Raster) plus some music
Part 9: Fieldrecording: Frank, Jero and Thomas are walking through the FEZ Gelände, Eric / Klavis, Schneider TM and TB Arthur ,Carlo(SchneidersLaden), Sascha Bachmann(HAND), Uwe Schmidt(Atom™)
Part 10: Field Recordings from the event, Paul Tas / Error Instruments