Terms & Conditions For Exhibitors

of SUPERBOOTH events (SUPERBOOTH Berlin GmbH) - as of September 1st 2023


1. Organizer

  1. The organizer is Superbooth Berlin GmbH, Mittelweg 2, 12053 Berlin/Germany, Phone: +49 30 69816374, info[at]superbooth.com, www.superbooth.com - hereinafter referred to as organizer

2. Participation

  1. The organizer will assign placement to the exhibitor in writing upon receipt of the registration. Placement must be confirmed in writing to the organizer within one week. The contract is concluded when the exhibitor confirms the placement. The organizer reserves the right to change confirmed placements for event-related reasons and offer the exhibitor a new placement.
  2. The General Terms and Conditions of the organizer, the "Event-related special provisions" and the house rules of FEZ-Berlin are contractually agreed to, upon confirmation of placement by the exhibitor. Breaches or infringements may lead to immediate exclusion from the event.
  3. If the agreed payment is not received on time, the organizer may withdraw from the contract and rent the reserved stand space to someone else.
  4. In the event that the stand area is not constructed by the organizer, the exhibitor is obliged to ensure that all structures and exhibition materials comply with fire protection class B1 (proof of low flammability in accordance with DIN 4102 or EN 13501-1).
  5. Only one brand can be presented per exhibitor placement and require an application. Distributors in particular may not be identified as such. An exhibitor may submit multiple applications for different brands.

3. Event

  1. The duration of the event and opening hours can be viewed on the website www.superbooth.com and are binding for the parties.
  2. For the construction and dismantling of the exhibits, the organizer makes one day before and after the event access to the venue available. Own stand structures can be done in exceptional cases only two days before the event from 12 a.m. The organizer must have been informed at least one week prior to the event by email dispo@superbooth.com. At the beginning of the event the stand must be ready equipped.
  3. Under special circumstances, the organizer is entitled to change the location and/or event dates as well as the opening hours. In this case, the existing contract shall be deemed to have been concluded for the new location and/or period. This does not entitle the right of withdrawal or claim for damages of the exibitor.
  4. If reasons for which the organizer is not responsible (e.g. "force majeure" such as strike, civil war, etc.) lead to the cancellation or termination of the event, withdrawal from the contract or the assertion of claims for damages is excluded.

4. Use of the stand

  1. The exhibitor agrees to keep the rented stand attended wtih at least one contact person, during the entire opening hours (compulsory presence).
  2. The maximum size of the advertising space for the brand represented by the exhibitor is specified by the organizer and may not be exceeded without further written permission. Advertising outside the exhibition table is not permitted unless written permission has been granted by the organizer. The organizer is entitled to prohibit the distribution or display of unauthorized or unfair advertising material.
  3. The technical guidelines and statutory regulations for ensuring the stability of the stand and health compatibility of all the materials used must be complied with. The exhibitor is responsible for compliance with all safety and health regulations for their exhibited goods and decorations and if necessary shall be obliged to provide evidence of thereof.  If proof cannot be provided despite a request and a reasonable deadline, the organizer is entitled to terminate the contract.
  4. Exhibits may only be brand-new products or unique items, as well as equipment to support the presentation of the exhibits without dominating the actual exhibitor brand.

5. Payment

  1. The stand rental is provided as consideration of participation and provision of stand space in agreed quantities to the exhibitor and is due for payment 30 days after receipt of the invoice, but no later than 10 days before the event.
    The exception to this are the reduced early bird prices. For these, the due date is based on the payment deadline stated on the invoice.
  2. The organizer only accepts bank transfers as a means of payment. Any fees incurred shall be borne by the exhibitor.
  3. If there is an outstanding claim against an exhibitor, the organizer is entitled to refuse participation in the event. The outstanding claim shall remain unaffected.

6. Withdrawal from the contract

  1. If the exhibitor cancels participation within the last three weeks before the start of the event, 50% of the stand rent shall be payable as compensation for expenses. In the event that the organizer is unable to sublet the exhibition space, the exhibitor shall pay a contractual penalty amounting to 100% of the stand rental fee. The exhibitor may also propose a replacement exhibitor, but this may be rejected by the organizer without giving reasons. The exhibitor reserves the right to prove that the actual loss incurred by the organizer is lower than the contractual penalty.

7. Sales activities

  1. Direct sales of goods, samples, food and beverages are not permitted on the event grounds. The delivery of free exhibition samples may only take place after the end of the event. The organizer reserves the right to carry out appropriate checks. Infringements shall constitute grounds for extraordinary termination of the contract by the organizer, without prejudice to continued liability for the full stand rental fee. In this case, the exhibitor may not make any claims for damages.

8. Advertising

  1. It is not permitted to carry out advertisement in any form on the trade fairgrounds during the event outside the own stand area. Also inadmissible is placing Roll up Banner, the distribution of promotional materials, conducting interviews, raffles and similar promotions.
  2. The organizer may conduct promotions on behalf of an exhibitor. Inquiries in this regard to the implementation of planned promotions by the organizer must be sent in writing under dispo@superbooth.com. It is the responsibility solely to the organizer as to whether and under what conditions the desired promotion may be performed.

9. Design protection, Copyrights

  1. The organizer does not provide temporary protection for patents and trademarks. It is responsibility of the exhibitor, possibly in time to sign his inventions before the event to the competent European Patent Office.
  2. For musical performances using sound and image carriers of all kinds the exhibitor is required by law to apply for authorization in good time prior to the event with GEMA:
    GEMA regional office Berlin, Keith Straße 7, 10787 Berlin, Tel: +49 30 21292 598, Fax: +49 30 21292 795, bd-b@gema.de, www.gema.de
  3. Failing this, the exhibitor must expect claims for damages under the Copyright Act. The organizer cannot be taken in responsibility in any case.

10. Image and sound recordings

  1. The organizer has the right to commission third parties with the production of video and audio recordings of exhibition stands or individual exhibits for documentation purposes, advertising purposes or for self-publishing.
  2. The exhibitor agrees irrevocably and free of charge to all current and future media, that the exhibitor or third parties assigned by the exhibitor are entitled to create visual and / or sound recordings of his person, which go beyond the reproduction of this event and to reproduce, to send or to post or to share in audiovisual media and / or multiply by a third party to send and to use. These rights apply temporally and spatially unlimited.
  3. Only accredited press representatives are expressly authorized by the organizer, to make video and audio recordings during the event. The organizer reserves the right to inspect media productions before publication.
  4. During the build up days, press representatives and third parties are strictly prohibited from making audio and video recordings of exhibits on the entire exhibition grounds including the publishing before the official start of the fair. Violations entitle the organizer to expel the person during all days of the event without any claim for damages.

11. Disclaimer

  1. The organizer declines any liability for negligent breach of duty, provided these are not contractual obligations (cardinal obligations), concerning damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health. The claims for damages are limited in this case to the amount of the typical upon conclusion of foreseeable damages. The same applies to breaches of duty by vicarious agents of the exhibitor. In this context, the organizer will not take any liability of for the compensation of indirect damage / consequential damages, in particular not for the loss of profits. Damage must be reported immediately in writing to the organizer.

12. Assertion of Claims

  1. Claims of the exhibitor must be submitted no later than 14 days after the end of the event in writing to the organizer. Receivables, which are levied later, will not be considered and will lapse.

13. Place of performance and jurisdiction, conflicting purchasing or order conditions

  1. Without explicit recognition by the organizers conflicting General Terms and Conditions of the exhibitor are ineffective.
  2. Berlin, Germany is regarded as contractually agreed as of fulfillment and jurisdiction for all claims between exhibitors and organizers.
  3. For the interpretation of these terms and conditions and all other terms and agreements of the German text shall prevail.
  4. Only German law with the exception of the rules on private international law. If any provision of this contract be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after the conclusion, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.
  5. In place of the invalid or unenforceable provision by such valid and enforceable provision should occur, the effects of which come closest to the economic objective, the Parties to the have pursued invalid or unenforceable provision. The foregoing provisions shall apply correspondingly in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

Additional Event Terms & Conditions since SUPERBOOTH18 (Superbooth Berlin GmbH) - 01.09.2017

The following terms and conditions specify how the event shall run and the responsibilities, duties and codes of behaviour which shall apply. These terms and conditions shall form an integral part of the contract. In the event of a breach of the obligations of conduct referred to in the special conditions, the organiser reserves the right to terminate the contract.

1. Organisation, Process, Saftey Requirements

  1. In the Exhibitor Handbook, the organiser shall provide exhibitors with the necessary information to participate in the trade fair. This shall include contact addresses, deadlines and dates, information about the organisational process, safety regulations, necessary forms and details of services provided by the organiser.
  2. The organiser shall provide exhibitors with a digital copy of the Exhibitor Handbook no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the event, but not before payment of the stand rental fee has been received. Prior to the start of the event, the exhibitor must acknowledge in writing that s/he has understood this requirement.

2. Shipping regulations, dispatch of exhibits and materials

  1. We offer international exhibitors the possibility to arrange delivery of materials to the venue prior to the event. The dispatch information must be notified in writing, at the latest,14 days before the start of the event. Shipments from abroad must be received at the following address no later than 7 working days before the start of the event: Superbooth Berlin Gmbh, Ritterstraße 3, 10969 Berlin. Thereafter, delivery of materials may only take place with prior consultation.
  2. The required EORI number will be provided by the organiser upon request.
  3. Costs incurred due to delayed dispatch and / or any additional costs resulting from delayed receipt shall be borne by the sender.
  4. A handling fee of of 50 € per cubic meter will be charged for the acceptance of any materials or exhibits dispatched and received within the aforementioned deadlines. This flat fee is to be paid in cash at the venue of the event.
  5. Only packages and deliveries that have been registered in writing with the organiser in advance may be accepted at the venue.
  6. The organiser accepts no liability for the whereabouts of objects and consignments of goods.

3. Build up and Arrival

  1. The event venue is located outside the low emission zone of Berlin. On the day of setting up the exhibition stands, we recommend the access via road Straße zum FEZ 2 in 12459 Berlin/Germany. Limitted loading areas existing in front of the main entrance of the FEZ Berlin.
  2. Materials and exhibits must be unloaded quickly and the vehicle should leave the area immediately in order to make room for subsequent arrivals. Only a limited number of vehicles are permitted in the loading area at the same time. N.B. the emergency access routes (for fire brigade) must be kept free at all times.
  3. An area in the venue's car park will be reserved for exhibitors. After unloading and unpacking, delivery vehicles may be left here. This offer to park the vehicles is valid as long as there are free spaces available. Parking in front of the event building is not permitted under any circumstances.

4. Stand and Booth Use

  1. The exhibition areas are based on the table and room number assigned in the hall plan. It should be noted that all aisles are also escape routes and therefore must be kept clear.
  2. Upon application by an exhibitor, the display of a trade mark is permissible. Distributors in particular are not allowed to make use of trademarks unless the branded goods or products are the main focus of their exhibition space. Exhibitors may apply for multiple registrations for different trade marks.
  3. The organiser shall provide access to the venue for the set-up and dismantling of the exhibits one day before and one day after the event. In exceptional cases, the assembly of the exhibitor's own stand or booth can be carried out two days before the start of the event from 12.00 noon. The organiser must be informed of this at least one week before the event by email dispo@superbooth.com The stand must be fully equipped by the start of the event.

5. Supervision times of the exhibition stand - Presence Requirements

  1. All participants must undertake to keep their presentation area occupied with the necessary contact persons during the entire opening hours.
  2. Please also observe this requirement at the even at the end of the fair. Visitors arriving later should receive the same impression and contact possibilities as the visitors in the morning.

6. Waste Costs

  1. Leave your seat as you found it! The polluter pays principle applies. Each exhibitor is responsible for the disposal and proper separation of his waste. The organiser reserves the right to pass on any additional costs for excess packaging waste to the exhibitor, if the amount of the excess packaging waste is exceeded.
  2. Illegal waste, which remains lying around after the assembly day, after the beginning of the event or after the end of the event, will be disposed of by the organiser for a fee.
  3. These include stand construction materials, packaging materials, brochures and plastic products of all kinds.

7. Fire Safety

  1. Emergency exits, escape route plans and all fire protection systems such as emergency lighting, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems must not be disguised or made unrecognisable.
  2. It should be noted that if the stand area is not provided by Superbooth GmbH, all superstructures and exhibition materials must comply with fire protection class B1 (proof of flame-retardant properties according to DIN4102 or EN 13501-1). For this purpose, please send us a fire protection certificate in advance to dispo@superbooth.com so that we can present it during the fire inspection by the fire brigade, if required.
  3. The on-site fire safety inspector is entitled to have a stand evacuated or dismantled if the specifications in the safety and exhibition regulations have not been complied with.

8. Disposal of Unauthorised Components

  1. Stand constructions that are not approved or do not comply with technical guidelines and legal regulations must be changed or removed at the exhibitor's expense. The technical guidelines and statutory regulations for guaranteeing the safety of the stand, its stability, and the health compatibility of the materials used must be complied with. The exhibitor is responsible for compliance with the regulations and the safety of the works he has carried out. If necessary, the exhibitor is required to provide proof of this.

9. Cloakroom

  1. During the event there will be a cloakroom with costs. This is located behind the entrance and checkout area.

10. Furniture, Seating

  1. Any special needs should be notified to the organisers in advance of the event, for example the requirement of table/chair in case of disability, physical handicap, etc.

11. Smoking

  1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.
  2. Smoking is only permitted outside in the designated smoking areas. This restriction applies to the entire event site including all fenced- in outdoor areas of FEZ-Berlin.