Terms & Conditions for Visitors

of SUPERBOOTH events (SUPERBOOTH Berlin GmbH) - as of September 1st 2023



1.1. By purchasing a ticket for Superbooth the ticket buyers and the Superbooth Berlin GmbH as organizer become contractors. Admission to Superbooth is limited. TixForGigs.com is the commissioned ticketing partner of Superbooth Berlin GmbH and executes all payment services.

1.2. The acquired ticket may not be resold. Also use to draw purposes and / or for carrying out of competitions is prohibited without the prior express written consent of the organizer. A violation results in the loss without compensation of admission.

1.3. In case of loss the ticket cannot be replaced.


2.1. Visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to access SuperBooth. In case of doubt, the organizer shall be entitled to an age verification.

2.2. The entry is only possible with a valid ticket, which must be presented.

2.3. Should visitors for an important reason give rise, the organizer may deny entry to the event. In particular, highly intoxicated visitors, clothes that indicate inhuman, racial or homophobic statements, the inclusion of food and drinks (which are not submitted voluntarily) and dangerous objects such as weapons, pyrotechnics, torches, intoxicants are important reasons for the denial of access to the event by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to bag checks.

2.4. The visitor has in case of no entry spite card the right to refund of your ticket, unless there is an important reason (in particular the aforementioned) for the entry refusal. In this case, a refund of the ticket is not possible. Any further claim for damages is excluded, unless the organizer acted with intent or gross negligence.

2.5. The organizer is through the intake of persons in need because of their mental or physical condition of supervision, under no contractual obligations for the guidance of such oversight. This is true both with respect to the supervision needy as well as towards supervisory duty of people and other visitors.

2.6. A re-entry is granted.


3.1. The organizer reserves the right to change the date of the event until September 2024 due to the dynamic situation regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The announcement of the new event date will be made at least 6 months before the start of the event. There is no right to a refund of the nominal value of the ticket in the event of the above-mentioned reason and non-participation in the announced alternative date until 30.09.2024. From 01.10.2024, the claim for refund must be formulated in writing and sent together with the ticket to info@superbooth.com.

3.2. The organizer reserves the right to modify without notice the program or accompanying events.

3.3 The organizer reserves the right to make any necessary conversions to equivalent places for production reasons.


4.1 Visitors to the event are advised to perform appropriate hearing protection with them.
A liability of the organizer for hearing occurring due to lack of preparedness is excluded unless the organizer acted with gross negligence or intent, or has not fulfilled its duty to maintain safety.


5.1. The organizer has on the whole show grounds domiciliary rights. The security personnel must be paid immediately result.

5.2. The visitor is sales and / or advertising / are prohibited on the premises, unless they have been previously approved in writing by the organizer. The stay of pets is not permitted.

5.3. Compliance can result in expulsion from the exhibition center by itself. A ticket refund and a claim for damages are excluded in this case.


6.1. Foods and Drinks are output on the event grounds. Please think of the environment and dispose of waste in the designated containers.

6.2. Bringing food and beverages is prohibited.

6.3. Buyer of food and beverages produced contractual relations with the respective restaurateurs, but not the promoters.


7.1. Photographing on the premises is permitted only with cell phones with camera function and only for private use.

7.2. Any use of visual and sound recordings for commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of the organizer. For each case of infringement a contractual penalty of € 10,000 forfeited. The right to claim further damages remains reserved.


8.1 Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.

8.2 Smoking is only permitted outside in the designated smoking areas. This restriction applies to the entire event site including all fenced- in outdoor areas of FEZ-Berlin.


Claims for damages from positive breach of obligation, negligence in contracting and tort are excluded unless the engager, his legal representative or his vicarious agents have not acted intentionally or grossly negligent. Claims for damages from impossibility of performance and delay are limited case of slight negligence on the replacement of foreseeable damages. The organizer is not responsible for damaged, lost, stolen or lost items. The use of the cloakroom at your own risk.


The visitor agrees to entering the fairgrounds irrevocably agrees that are made of him photos and image / sound recordings during the event, which may be gratuitously used extensively for reporting and future application of the events in all the media. He explained also agree that sponsorship acquisition may only be operated with this material. The agreement relates only to casual shots of visitors during the event live recording / event recording.


The organizer stores and processes the data provided by the ticket buyers for the purpose of mutual contract. The organizer shall use the data only for the purpose of information of the visitor (eg, event information, newsletters, etc.)


Additional agreements, changes and additions must be in writing. This also applies to the written form requirement itself. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Unless an agreement conferring jurisdiction is permitted, the jurisdiction is Berlin.
To the extent any provision of these Terms and Conditions should be or become invalid, thereby the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. The same applies to any contractual loopholes. In these cases the law invalid provision or the gap in the contract is to be replaced by a legally valid provision that comes as intended by the parties with the invalid or overlooked determining economic purpose.