March, 31st–April, 2nd 2016, Funkhaus Berlin:

Machines, Music and Experimentation, Sound, Research and DIY, Synthesizers, Modular Systems, Discussions, Concerts, Daily workshops for starters and advanced users:

The Exhibition for Electronics and Music!


[06.04.2016] It was the most wonderful event that ever happened to me, thank you all for coming, helping and being there with us. We will definitely repeat the SUPERBOOTH in 2017, give us a month for the final date and further details, thank you, Andreas Schneider and the whole team.


[02.04.2016] Times for the FerryBoat shifted a bit, now updated on FAQ !

[23.03.2016] A videotour by HerrSchneider thru the Funkhaus online, Andi Toma and Matt Black confirmed for Friday night, NI Talk with Monolake and others Friday evening, Dr. Motte and HerrSchneider will make the official opening on thursday.   

[22.03.2016] Read our latest newsletter here, please.

[21.03.2016] An Ambient-Sound-Installation by Jonas Margraf and Max Joy in the arc will take you from the foyer into the studios.

[17.03.2016] Max Loderbauer event details are now online. Richie Hawtin had to switch to Friday April 1st and will now talk together with Daniel Miller, details tbc. Artist Robert Lowe discussion and event details are online, engineer and artist Ken Macbeth set details are online and musician/producer Bernd Kistenmacher will introduce the TomOberheim Twovoice for SchneidersLaden.

[11.03.2016] Saturday night 1:00h: After a warm-up by Robert Lowe and Pole, T.Raumschmiere will kick off the final night of SUPERBOOTH16 followed by Kodek, TB Arthur and the fascinating Goldwiener with Acid Urlaubsfahrt! .. The entertainment will wrap up with a sunrise.

[09.03.2016] Saturday night 1:40h #INSTANTBONER (!), and the lasershowmaster with his best of performance Bernhard Rasinger. And now - as a manufacturer himself - Richie Hawtin for the thursday, producer Daniel Miller for friday, and artist Nik Nowak for Saturday confirmed to Talk with HerrSchneider on SUPERBOOTH .. at least.

[07.03.2016] Presented by Navs Modular Lab, the Friday evening program in Hall 2 will offer several highlights:
Following Wolfgang Seidel's duet with Navs, Hainbach will perform with visual artist Orca (watch their video here), and finally Bretschneider  will perform at 22:00.

Gareth Jones also just confirmed his daily presence at SUPERBOOTH16 together with partner Nick Hook from NYC for an evening concert with their new duo Spiritual Friendship.

[05.03.2016] The PROGRAM is growing -- new artists are online: Yapacc performs twice for MFB, Hannes Teichmann presents Future Artist Midi Looper, Frenchman Touellskouarn open Thursday evening performances with Noroeste, Nnoiz Papp will perform breath control, Wolfgang Seidel and Frank Bretschneider perform on Friday and before the night concerts in the CulturHall.

We are also very happy to welcome Elisabeth Heller, who will lead a Saturday morning walking tour of the Funkhaus and the mysterious TB Arthur.

Much more to come.

Please follow all the deep links here and read about what we are planning to spread the news to friends and partners on social media or elsewhere, please. Thank you in advance.


PRO-ticket Invitations for exhibitors and their guests can be ordered in the Exhibitors-Area (login secured) only.