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DIY Workshop / Befaco

DIY Zelt

Price (Max. 14 participants): 30€ (to enter the workshop)
Please find the prices per module you want to built here in this list.

You can build any of the DIY kits in the list further down and will be guided by a Befaco guy. The DIY kits have wide range of difficulty grades, please make your research on what suits you to finish it within 3h and get the module when the workshop starts. Please have the corresponding amount of cash with you to pay your DIY kit then. If you have your own tools, it might make sense to bring them.

The ticket covers the advance payment for the workshop, please bring your printed workshop ticket plus Superbooth ticket and enough cash to pay the rest here in the workshop area. (We possibly won't have small change!) Please note that you need a general Superbooth ticket to enter the location! A SB dayticket for any of the days will allow you to enter the workshop area on any other day.

We have some soldering irons and tools here. But if you have own stuff and want to use it, bring it! Do not forget your eye glasses if you need it for soldering. If you generally need recommendations for DIY tools, check this




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