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The heart of KABUKI beats for seemingly disparate musical genres such as Jungle, Jazz and Ambient. For more than 20 years his music productions have covered the full spectrum of beat science, always zeroing in on a particular feeling. Not content to express himself only through his compositions, Kabuki has also been busy to work behind the scenes, be it programming preset sounds for software synthesizers, creating sample libraries, or teaching sound synthesis at the Abbey Road Institute. Always in pursuit of new textures and ways to express himself, it was only a matter of time until Kabuki discovered the world of modular synthesizers. Be it as a sparring partner in the studio, performing on stage at events such as Superbooth and the Tokyo Festival of Modular, or jamming with Jazz musicians, Kabuki developed his own unique voice on this intricate instrument. Kabuki’s latest adventures have resulted in large-format AV installations operating on the fringes of sound, light and motion. This is the place where his interests for music, art and technology can finally meet. Kabuki realized that he is interested more than style and aesthetics, but rather he is in pursuit of the elusive element that keeps it all moving: the soul.

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