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Miller-Zillmer Foundation presents: JakoJako & Annalise Van Even


The circuitry of curiosity, the playfulness of the patch, the sublime in the subfrequency. Coalescing together in an emotive dance, these eloquent elements comprise the foundation of JakoJako's approach to music. Whether you find her deeply engrossed in her modular system, performing at Berghain as a part of the Leisure System crew, or working behind the counter at the legendary Berlin synth shop SchneidersLaden, her profound knowledge and passion for translating her external and internal worlds into sonic anomalies permeate throughout everything she does.

Versatility and virtuosity are the common threads woven into her productions, with a careful ear for the vibrant colors that can be found within synthesis. She uses timbre like a painter, blending and forming new shapes to tell stories solidified in sonics. Due to her entrenchment in everything related to modular synthesizers, she was an obvious choice for this year’s Superbooth.

Dance and music will morph together as JakoJako plays a live set while Annalise performs contemporary dance.
Annalise will be wearing motion-sensored patches from Instrument of Things on her body, which are programmed so that her movement has a direct correlation with JakoJako's modular synthesizer, creating and controlling specific qualities of sound, and essentially becoming another instrument to the live set.

Annalise “Nana” Van Even is a multi-disciplinary contemporary dancer, choreographer, and performance artist born in Boston (USA) and currently based in Berlin. She received her BFA in dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a minor in Social and Cultural Analysis in 2018. Her continued research in transcending states and story-telling through the architecture of the body has allowed her to collaborate and participate in performance, film, music, fashion, photography, and visual art. She dreams of a world where there is more access and availability to artistic forms of expression for everyone.

It will be a premiere on SuperBooth and we look forward to this special event of a combination of a visual performance and sound.

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