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Miller-Zillmer Foundation presents: Yann Tiersen


A melody can say a thousand words, and those which ring out from underneath Yann Tiersen’s fingers most certainly do. A master of channeling complex emotions and situations, he has been an active musician for his entire life. His background is incredibly diverse, starting with violin from a young age and then progressing to piano, guitar, and electronics. A true virtuoso and master of his craft, he has worked with a number of other renowned artists such as Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins, Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))), Peter Broderick, and John Grant to name a few.

After the immense success of his 1998 album Le Phare and multiple critically acclaimed film scores, Yann signed to Mute Recordings in 2010 where he began to experiment even further. His newest album Kerber is due out on the 27th of August and sees Yann using piano sketches as a inspiration point for electronic and modular synthesis. The combination of these two worlds makes the album a unique feat, where the electronic elements are superimposed and fueled by the acoustic elements. With this album in mind and the fact that he has already been a regular guest at SchneidersLaden, Yann makes for a perfect act at this year’s Superbooth.


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