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SchneidersLaden Backstage Tour - Achtung: external event: Start am Kottbusser Tor im Laden

SchneidersLaden (Skalitzer Straße 135 a, 10999 Berlin)

SchneidersBuero, as it existed in Berlin since 1999 in different locations, was nucleus for imitations worldwide. For the SchneidersLaden GmbH and of course for SuperBooth itself, which roots were identity defining activities from HerrSchneider since 2001. The whole history with meanwhile 40 employees was witnessed by Penko over the years, who was one of the first in the company back in the days as an early expert and user of our special subject matter. He was leading the showroom from 2004 on and advised our customers. Today he works as a sound artist under the pseudonym Max Joy.

During the backstage tour, Penko will explain also the group-dynamic aspect of our company, the always interdisciplinary spatial localization, which lively exchange with local manufacturers like Verbos Electronics, E-RM/Erfindungsbüro and others still exists. With junkies at the Kottbusser Tor and all the problems of gentrification. In 2022 SchneidersLaden GmbH will leave Kreuzberg.

The tour starts at Kottbusser Tor („Kotti“). After a welcome introduction you will be lead through all (currently closed during regular business) showrooms, the repair workshop, two external production spots, the storage and logistics. You will see and hear about some backgrounds of the district and Berlin in general, about the products we are working with, about the procedures of the single departments also from the employees itself. The lovely team gladly serve you a good coffee or cold drink and hopefully answering all questions.

The Tour ends around 12:30 in Ritterstr. 3, where you most probably also will be able to shop some products if you like.

Meeting point:
10:30 Kottbusser Tor until around 12.30 in the Ritterstr. 3 – inside rooms we must wear masks for sure!
(Everything will probably also be held in Englisch if appropriate guests register for the tour)


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