Intuitive Dialogues


Presented by Doepfer Musikelektronik:


Intuitive Dialogues is a creative collaboration between Gina Lo and Felipe Vareschi. Their project explores the relationship between electronic instruments and organic materials through improvisational performance.

Lo and Vareschi create feedback loops between each other, their instruments and their surroundings to create a continuously morphing and responsive sonic landscape in order to engage intuitively with the audience. Their fleeting sound-space invites audiences to suspend their sense of time and place and to reflect on the soundscape around them.

Intuitive Dialogues incorporate a variety of instruments in their performances, ranging from experimental electronics to everyday objects. In their project series, the pair invites other artists to participate in the soundscape that they curate specifically for each performance.

Because of the improvisational, collaborative and site-specific nature of their project, each performance is designed to be experienced collectively, in a shared space. Intuitive Dialogues see this continuous evolution as a form of artistic research on the nature of soundscapes and collective music experience.

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