Maarten Vos & Jisoo Park


Presented by Nord Keyboards:


Ji Soo Park is an artist from South Korea that studied classical music in her youth. In search of new challenges, she moved to Japan in 2012 and found her place in the techno scene of Tokyo. After her debut gig at the WOMB club in Shibuya she began hosting her Profound Mind night, where she played together with other forward-thinking techno DJs. After two years of successful events, Ji Soo moved to Berlin, where, in close contacts with fellow-minded artists, she finally found the freedom she has been looking for since her youth.

Maarten Vos is a Dutch cellist, composer and producer based in Berlin. His work focuses on the composition of modern classical and electronic music. He transforms traditional instruments into novel sounds by combining the cello with modular synthesizers and other electronic instruments.

When he’s not playing festivals such as Sonar, Mutek or the ADE, Vos collaborates with artists such as Julianna Barwick, Nicolas Godin (AIR), Colin Benders, Joep Beving and Ji Soo Park. He also works with the fashion designer Iris van Herpen, as well as the digital and audiovisual artists Maotik and Christopher Bauder. He also writes music for film and ballet and works in music technology through collaborations with companies like 4DSOUND and Slate + Ash. He produces and mixes albums for different artists and labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Universal and 1631 Records.

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