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NERKKIRN is what happens when you pair two very different electronic musicians with a shared passion for warping sonic technology - and set them loose. German-born Nerk, aka Benjamin Weiss, is a techno veteran, a founding member of the legendary Berlin rave act Tok Tok, with releases on Kompakt, Klang, and V-Records. American Peter Kirn comes from a background in classical and experimental music, and is best known as the editor of CDM ( and co-creator of the MeeBlip synthesizer.

PETER KIRN is a composer and media artist, with releases on Detroit Underground, Industrial Complexx, Wunderblock Records, Kotä Records, TRAPEZ, and his own Establishment. His site has been a daily source for many looking to the bleeding edge of electronic music and mixed media technology, culture, and technological politics. He is also co-creator of the MeeBlip hardware synthesizer line, is a sought-after adviser and communicator in new technologies, and has worked on collaborative laboratories and talks with TED, European Space Agency, Sonar+D, MUTEK, and others. His MusicMakers Hacklab with CTM Festival has evolved into a wild alternative performance laboratory since its debut in 2013. He has made music for kinky parties and grimy underground club events, raunchy noise music, and passionate and ever-changing experimental expression, rooted in training in composition in New York with his teacher Tania Leon.

Nerk aka Benjamin Weiss has been part of the electronic music scene of Berlin since nearly three decades now. Starting in the free party scene in the early 90ies as a founding member of Toktok, he focused early on on playing live and collaborating with other musicians always keen on being inspired by different approaches and musical ideas. Originating in the mid nineties he started organising Krautok, an electronic music festival that would invite a lot of electronic artists that would jam together for 24 hours in venues such as Maria, Tresor or about blank.

His work as a music technology journalist in publications like Keyboards magazine and the co-founded De:Bug eventually led him to dive into instrument design as well. He created an early iOS sequencer called Modstep, was working for Native Instruments on the Maschine project and is currently a designer at Ableton.

His main collaborators apart from the work with Toktok and Toktok vs Soffy O include Dirk Leyers, Peter Kirn and long time studio partner Khan of Finland aka Bizz OD. This year so far saw the release of his solo EP “Torrent” on Toktok Records as well as Toktoks “Slope EP” on the same label with another collaboration with Bizz OD on his own imprint VRecords.

Projects: Toktok, Toktok vs. Soffy O, Nerk & Dirk Leyers, Nerkkirn, DJ Rush & Nerk, Bizz OD & Nerk, Cheapladies…

Released on: Kompakt, Klang, V-Records, Toktok Records, Snork, Djungle Fever, MBF, Firm, Klang, Müller Records

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