Sarah Sommers


Forced to leave her princess life when a colossal pink asteroid crashed into her peaceful pink home world, Sarah Sommers embarked on an otherworldly journey to planet Earth. Crashing down in a blaze of glitter in the rave scene of Australia, she emerged performing live dance music in Melbourne, London and now Berlin where she has been based since 2018.

With a collection of lovingly self-customized pink synthesizers and modular equipment, Sarah brings a truly unforgettable musical and visual experience to her performance. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant sound of ‘90s rave culture, the deep bass of dub and the pulsating energy of techno, Sarah invites you on a journey across some of her favorite sounds and eras of electronic dance music.  

Sarah has played in well-known Berlin clubs such as KitKat, about:blank, Mensch Meier and RE:MISE as well as Amsterdam Dance Event.



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