General Issues

Opening hours

The trade-show is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. After that the trade-show will be closed and our EVENING PROGRAM runs until 10:00 pm.

All ticket holders with the corresponding day ticket have daily access from 10:00 am  to 10:00 pm. There will be no special trade-show visiting hours this year.

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Where and what is the venue?

Superbooth takes place in FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin.
The FEZ is europes biggest, non-profit children-, youth- and family center.
It is located in south east of Berlin in the district Oberschöneweide.

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To attend a workshop it is neccessary to register and book or buy (in the cases of the DIY workshops) an extra ticket for the specific workshop you want to attend. A regular visitor ticket for Superbooth is obligotry in order to book a workshop. You can have a look into the Workshop program in the EVENTS listing.

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There are so many exhibitiors. How can I find what I´m looking for?

You can find an overview of all our exhibitors and their positions on our website under MESSE AND EXHIBITORS. There you will find the respective manufacturers with a short introduction and their position in the PLAN.
During Superbooth there are printed plans available and also sign posts which guide you through the different areas. The colored carpets can also provide guidance as followed: Red carpet represents the lower level and lobby (EG). Blue represents the first floor (1.OG). The second floor (2.OG) is then represented by red carpet again.

Last update on 14.11.2023 by Robert Siegel.

I´d like to come to SUPERBOOTH but I have children.

We won't be offering any specific programming for children at Superbooth. However, please feel free to bring your kids along! They are very welcome. It's recomended to come back at 7:00 pm without the kids to enjoy the livelier evening program. If you're interested in specific childrens programming in regards to electronic music please check out MINIBOOTH, that also happens in FEZ-Berlin on the weekend before Superbooth.

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All areas, including the stage areas are barrier-free or accessable via lift. In the Audiotorium we provide a special area for wheelchair users.

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Is there an awareness team at Superbooth?

We will have a contact person on site at SB24. We here at Superbooth believe in the importance of a globally connected synth community that is committed to a diverse, equal, and inclusive coexistence based on the values of mutual respect and progressiveness.  If you experience something or witness anything that contradicts this belief, please feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about it.

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Is it allowed to bring pets to Superbooth?

Pets are not allowed on any premsises of FEZ-Berlin.

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I´m a perforimg artist at Superbooth but want to join one day earlier.

Please go to the ticket counter and pick up your artist info. You can also leave your luggage at the wardrobe.

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Can I bring instruments and my own gear to SUPERBOOTH for repair issues or detailed questions?

Bringing gear and instruments to Superbooth is not permited. Thank you for your understanding.

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Will there be enough food options at Superbooth?

Yes! We'll be offering our lovely culinary mile again with a yummy selection of street food. Japanese okonomiaki, vegan/ vegetarian gyros from the grill, a selection of Vietnamese dishes and much more. The food stalls will be located at our extended outdoor area on the BADEWIESE. Also the in-house catering will be open and offering a various selection of food and drinks from the cafe, bistro and bar.

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Is there an ATM machine at FEZ?

Unfortunately there is NO ATM anywhere near or at FEZ. Please keep in mind that some of the vendors at the event do not accept cards and it's important to bring enough cash with you for food and beverages.

Last update on 14.11.2023 by Toni.

I´m I allowed to smoke at Superbooth?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building and only permitted outside in the designated smoking areas. This restriction applies to the entire event site including all fenced- in outdoor areas of FEZ-Berlin.

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So much inspiration at Superbooth! Can I buy the newest modules directly from the exibitors at their tables?

Unfortunately sales are not allowed at Superbooth. If you are only in Berlin for a few days, you're welcome to visit SCHNEIDERSLADEN on Thursday and Friday. Please check for modified opening hours on these days.

Modules, desktop instruments and effects - SchneidersLaden at Musik Bading. Karl-Marx-Str. 186, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

Poly synthesizers, 5 HE and electroacoustics - SchneidersLaden in the Storch-Apotheke. Ganghofer Str. 1, 12043 Berlin- Neukölln

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Venue Address

FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin

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Arrival to Superbooth by public transport or by car

We strongly advise against coming with a car, as the parking situation at the venue is often insufficient. There is a large PARKING LOT near the main entrance and is on a first come, first served basis with annually changing conditions and fees (by FEZ-Berlin).

Tram Station Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum, Line 60 + 67 to S-Bhf. station Schöneweide. Or use line 27 and then change direction to Friedrichshain.
 Please reference the route network for the Tram HERE.

S-BAHN (the best way!)
Once you arrive at the S-Bhf. station WUHLHEIDE just follow the signs or ask one of the friendly pedestrians for the direction to FEZ. It’s then a relaxed 15-20 minute walk through the nice park until you reach the main entrance. Your ticket can be changed into an armband just outside the Bungalowdorf which lies halfway to the main event site. Once you have your armband you have immediate access to all event areas. Either right into the Bungalowdorf AREA B of the floor plan or just a bit further and then to your left along the Strandbad to the large outdoor area AREA Z of the floor plan, where you will find more than 50 of the exhibitors.

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Where can I get my badge (armband) to enter the event?

This year we will have two ticket-to-badge (armband) counters where you can exchange your tickets (printed or digital on your mobile phone) for the corresponding armband.

One counter is located here at the BUNGALOWDORF and the second counter is located here in the LOBBY of the main building, directly behind the main entrance to the event.

Visitors who don't have a ticket must purchase a ticket at the box office in the lobby of the main building.

Last update on 14.11.2023 by Andre Kaufmann.

I´ve booked a DIY Workshop. How can I get access?

To get access to your DIY workshop, you will need any of the day tickets for SUPERBOOTH24. The ticket does not have to be valid on the same day as your workshop, but valid on any of the three event days. The DIY workshops will take place on the groud floor of the FEZ-building. You can find this spot here DIY WORKSHOP.
If you still have your badge from one of the previous days on you, please come to the reception counter at the main entrance to get access to your DIY Workshop.

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Can I cancel my ticket?

The ticket can be cancelled under certain conditions, however a canclation fee does apply. The canclation fee will be automatically deducted from the refund. For ticket cancellation inquiries please contact us at tickets @ .

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Our hotel recommendations




Park Plaza Wallstreet Berlin-Mitte:

Contemporary and historical building, stylish rooms, 10 minutes walking distance to S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke.

Address: Wallstraße 23-24, 10179 Berlin
Telephone: +49(0) 030 8471170

Hotel Catalonia Berlin-Mitte:

Modern, original hotel in the center of Berlin, stylish rooms, 10 minutes walking distance to S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke.

Address: Köpenicker Str. 80-82, 10179 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 030 24084770

Art’otel Berlin-Mitte:

Stylish and centrally situated, the hotel was dedicated to the German artist Georg Baselitz, designed rooms, international cuisine, 10 minutes walking distance to S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke

Address: Wallstraße 70-73, 10179 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 240620




Ibis Styles Berlin Treptow:

Contemporary budget Hotel in Berlin-Treptow. 11 Minutes with a car to FEZ-Berlin or you can take the Tram 60/67.

Adresse: Spreestraße 14, 12439 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 22388599

Bett und Buch Hotel Berlin-Köpenick:

Family owned and full of History in the heart Köpenick. Double rooms, Suites and Apartments with kitchens. 7 Minutes with a car to FEZ-Berlin or you can take the Tram 60/67

Address: Rudower Straße 1, 12557 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 224 64175

Hotel Alter Markt:

Small and cozy Hotel in historical center of Köpenick. 8 Minutes with a car to FEZ-Berlin or you can take the Tram 60/67.

Address: Alter Markt 11A, 12555 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 654 88010

Hotel Berlin Köpenick by Leonardo Hotels:

Large Hotel with a large number of rooms. Only 8 minutes by car to FEZ-Berlin

Address: Grünauer Strasse 1, 12557 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 688 322 422

Last update on 14.11.2023 by Andre Kaufmann.