where does all this come from?

The idea of Superbooth has a history of over 20 years. It all started as a part of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, when a handful of friends and like-minded nerds created their very own and special spot for synth enthusiasts. This common space presented a collection of small and passionate manufacturers of exotic hardware and electronic music instruments. The (original) SuperBooth.

The purpose of this shared space was to provide small and emerging brands the chance to afford the costs of an exhibitor "booth" at a big event like Musikmesse. Even more though, to present the collective spirit of the scene and simply make music together. There was no focus on pure brand presentation, but on demonstrating what you could actually do with these spaced out instruments when connecting and combining them with each other. At this time, everyone was saying that music is made with computers now. After having created these unforgettable happenings at the MUSIKMESSE Frankfurt over the years, the Schneider mobile modular travelled to London and Poland as well as having played some gigs in Berlin clubs.

In 2015, Herr Schneider decided to take Superbooth out of Frankfurt and transform it into a new format. He brought it to Berlin to create his very own version of a specialist trade fair. In 2016 the first standalone Superbooth opened its doors at Funkhaus Berlin and welcomed 96 exhibitors for its premiere. These first three days of Superbooth turned out to be an intense, unique atmosphere of communicating and celebrating, where just about everyone everyone left with a package of outstanding memories.

For the following years we found a new home and since 2017 Superbooth is located at a very special venue, the FEZ-Berlin with its wonderful green surounding and perfect stages for our festival program. The amount of attending manufacturers increased rapidly and in 2019 we reached an overwhelming number of 230 exhibitors. In 2020, the big show of 5 years Superbooth Berlin was planned but then a pandemic took over big parts of our lives worldwide. This turn of events resulted in the SUPERBOOTH 20 HOME EDITION which was the very first online Superbooth in April 2020.

After this tough time of no events and shows during the ongoing pandemic we tried to stay confident and prepared everything for our first outdoor edition in September 2021. This turned out to be one of the best Superbooth events that has happened so far. It was a very special time with all the challenging security restrictions and moving a large portion of the trade show outdoors in the wonderful wood area of the FEZ.

In 2022 we were finally able to come back to our beloved Superbooth time of the year in May and then.... the SUPERBOOTH22 became an incredible and intense experience over three days with many moments of friendship under like-minded users and solid appearing synth community.