Messe and Exhibitors


All here listed brands and manufacturer helped to make it possible that Superbooth can continue to exist and will take place again after the necessary cancellation in 2020.
Due to the restrictions for safe distance and the general hygiene rules we have to limit the exhibition space.
We are working on a safe extension of the capacities in the outdoor area to integrate more brands.

The detail information and product news about all brands will return in the near future on their well known detail pages.
Specific positions are not fixed yet and will be continuously updated in our Floorplan.

Representative of the entire SUPERBOOTH-Team (from l.t.r. Alex Voy, Andreas Schneider, Andre Kaufmann, Thomas Brandes) we like to thank the following exhibitors for their cooperation:
1010music, 4ms Company, Ableton, Access Music, Acid Rain Technology, ACL, AJH Synth, ALM/BusyCircuits,, Analogue Renaissance, Analogue Systems, Animal Factory Amplification, Apogee Electronics, Arturia, Ashun Sound Machines, audiowerkstatt, AVP Synth, Bastl Instruments, Befaco, Bela, Best Service, Between Machines, Bitwig, Bjooks, Buchla U.S.A., CG Products,, Chase Bliss, Cre8Audio, Cwejman, Dannysound (by Thonk), Dato, Decksaver, DinSync, Doctron/Stimming Instant Mastering Chain, Doepfer, DPW Design, E-RM Erfindungsbüro, Electra One, Elektrofon, Endlesss,, Enhancia, eowave, Erica Synths, ESI-Audio, Eurorack Essentials, Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories, Eventide, Expert Sleepers, Expressive E, Ferrofish, Finegear, Five12, Flame, Future Artist, Genki Instruments, Grawart, Haken Audio, Hexinverter Électronique, Hispasonic, Icon, Industrial Music Electronics, Instruments of things, Instruō, intellijel, IO-Instruments, JoboMusic, JoMoX, Joranalogue Audio Design, Joué, Kenton, Keyboards + Sound&Recording, Kilohearts, Klaus Fischer Sound Inventions, Kodamo, Kurzweil, La Voix du Luthier, LeafAudio, Liivatera, Lpzw.modules, Mackie, Make Noise, Manikin Electronic, Mayer Electronic Music Instruments, Metabolic Devices, Metro Modular, MFB, Miso Modular, Modor Music, Moon Modular, Mordax, Music Thing Modular, MyVolts, Niio Analog, Noise Engineering, Noise Lab, Nonlinear Labs, Nono Modular, Oscillosaurus, Patching Panda, Plankton Electronics, Ploytec GmbH, polyend, Presonus, Prok Modular, Rabid Elephant, Radikal Technologies, Random Source, Relé, Retrokits, Ritual Electronics, roger schult german audio lab, Roli, SAE Institute, Schlappi Engineering, Schmidt Synthesizer, Sequential, Shakmat Modular, Silhouette, Soma Laboratory, Sonicware, Sonocurrent, Soulsby Synthesizers, SoundForce, Spectrasonics, SPL electronics GmbH, Stage tec, Steady State Fate, Steinberg, Studiologic, Supercritical Synthesizers, Superlative Instruments, Synthmaster, Synthstrom Audible, Synth-Werk, tangible waves, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, The Division Department, Theresyn, This Is Not Rocket Science, Tiptop Audio, Touellskouarn, Tracktion Corporation, Tubbutec, Twisted-Electrons, u-he Heckmann Audio, Verbos Electronics, Vermona, vpme Musikelektronik, Waldorf Music, Worng Electronics, Xaoc, Xirid Musical Intruments, XOR Electronics, Yamaha Music, Zähl, Żłob Modular, Zoom, Zynaptiq