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Innovative electronic percussion instrument with expressive interaction possibilities!
Straight from Los Angeles, we manufacture innovative electronic music products for desktop and eurorack, including samplers, digital mixers, granular
From Hong Kong bringing you modular-in-modular. The Centre - successful Kickstarter project now coming to Superbooth. IT'S ABOUT YOUR SOUND!
2 Many Synths
Solid Oak Eurorack cases & stands for synthesizers. Handmade in the Netherlands using a lasercutter, woodworking tools & lots of enthusiasm!
4ms Company
4ms Company creates innovative musical devices for Eurorack modular systems.
Acid Rain Technology
Acid Rain Technology is a small Eurorack brand in the pacific north west focused on exploring the interaction between humans and music making machines
ACS Custom. Bespoke made soft silicone high-fidelity hearing protection.
ADAM Audio
Founded in 1999 in Berlin. Developing, manufacturing and distributing loudspeakers in the field of Professional Audio.
AJH Synth
AJHSynth delivers rich, classic analogue sound through their innovative and versatile Eurorack modules.
UK Synt manufacturer focussing on innovative, creative and fun Eurorack modules.
Creators of the Timetosser - endorsing live improvisation since 2020
AMMT Synthesis
WMD founder and former design team start a new co-owned eurorack company called AMMT.
Analog Sweden
SWEnigiser - The evolution of the Enigiser, DIY and prebuilt.
Analogue Renaissance
The Analogue Renaissance: electronics by D' Naab 136
Animal Factory Amplification
Beastly pedals and Eurorack modules, built with love and pride in Bombay, India
AODYO Instruments
The Aodyo team innovates to enrich the experience of musicians. Aodyo Instruments designs and builds novel musical instruments in France.
APB Dynasonics
APB Dynasonics mixing consoles combine the highest sound quality and extensive features in the smallest of spaces. Perfect for studio and live.
Apollo View Modular
High-quality Eurorack modules to ignite creativity and explore new sonic frontiers with sexy aesthetics and versatile sound-shaping capabilities.
Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians.
Ashun Sound Machines
Ashun Sound Machines, or short ASM, is a synthesizer manufacturer established in 2019 with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Los Angeles.
Berlin-based Eurorack and Desktop unit manufacturer. Makers of the 16n Rework high end CV/MIDI controller.
Audeze is an award-winning premium technology company engineering the world’s most advanced audio solutions.
Audio Blast
Creative software
MIDI-tools and more - musical equipment - handmade in Berlin
The studio legend among speakers since the 70s. Auratone Audio, the original from Nashville.
Austrian Audio
Following the closure of the AKG offices in Vienna, we set out to create something new, challenging, and respectful to our heritage.
Avantone Pro
Backpullver Software
We are dedicated team of electronic musicians located in Sofia, Bulgaria with passion for creating electronic music software.
Bastl Instruments
Č̸̠̈́á̵̟̕n̵̻̚̚ ̷͙͈͌̿w̴̪̐̈ë̶̳́̀ ̵̪̈́̂ş̶̪͛h̶̫͝o̶̮̐w̸̨̩̑̓ ̶̂̐ͅy̶̨̠̓̏o̵̝͑̂ư̴̢̩͝ ̵̖̀ō̶͎u̵͓̔̆r̷̗̩̄ ̵̫̈́͝B̵̦̠̉̃Ĕ̷̗S̶͔̟͝͠T̶͇̋̎I̶̳͆̚E̷͎̜̎̈́?̴̢͉̓̾ ̵͙͆̉
Beepboop Electronics
Beepboop Electronics - Magnetic Tape products for Eurorack "think outside the Eurorack box"
Befaco is a Barcelona-based company that develops and manufactures modular synthesizers since 2009.
Bela...brings the power of ultra-low latency interactive audio and sensors to your digital projects
Best Service
Best Service - Your Virtual Instrument Creator & Music Production One-Stop-Shop
Between Machines
Between Machines presents QLOCKER, a looping parametric trigger sequencer for Eurorack that generates five interrelated trigger streams in 10hp.
Founded in 2009, Bitwig GmbH is a Berlin-based music technology company.
Publisher of PUSH TURN MOVE, PEDAL CRUSH, PATCH & TWEAK series, SYNTH GEMS 1 and INSPIRE THE MUSIC. Gear, artist performances, and interviews...
Black Lion Audio
From modder to US based manufacturer of high quality clocks, interfaces, power conditioners, preamps and analog processors.
Black Noise Modular
We are a French eurorack module manufacturer. We create original and inspiring modules for sound design and music exploration without compromises.
Bob Moog Foundation
Bob Moog Foundation/Moogseum - The Bob Moog Foundation inspires children & adults through the intersection of science, music, technology & innovation.
Bricasti Design
Bricasti's first product was the M 7 reverb unit, which quickly became the industry standard in professional audio.
B.U.C.H.L.A. & A.S.S.O.C.I.A.T.E.S.
CG Products
DESIGN - CONSTRUCTION - SOUND Analog syntesizer modules for eurorack - Effect devices - Ring modulator - Sound objects and editions
The Center for Haptic Audio Interaction Research (CHAIR)
Clank - Italian fine crafted eurorack gear for weird noise enthusiasts
Cong Burn
Strokes is an all-in-one, cross-platform workstation for sequencing, sampling and synthesis.
Coverup is a brand of ergonomic stands for synthesizers and studio audio equipment.
Cranborne Audio
Cranborne Audio develops professional audio technology to integrate vintage analogue sound with modern components into the digital workflow.
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers & Cre8audio love making synth stuff and want to get nerdy with you.
Crosspatch designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments with live performance in mind.
Dato makes musical instruments for future generations.
Dear Reality
The Spatial Audio professionals from Düsseldorf have been delivering concentrated plug-in power since 2014. Dive into immersive music production.
Decksaver make essential covers for synthesizer and pro audio equipment. Our products are found in the greatest venues, studios and bedrooms worldwide
Deimel Guitarworks
We build electric guitars and basses on customer needs! We love new sound options!
DiGiCo - Mixing Consoles for LiveSound, Studio & Installation
DiGiGrid - Audio interfaces based on the SoundGrid Audionetwork protocol
Synth DIY with a focus on replicating vintage cult machines.
The modular system in Euroack format with only 3 height units is basically a development by Dieter Doepfer from Munich.
DPW Design
Eurorack and guitar/bass pedals designed and built in Stockholm, Sweden.
Dreadbox is a developer and manufacturer boutique company of analog synthesizers and effects, based in Athens Greece.
Electra One
A community driven project that provides a solid platform for development of custom MIDI controllers and MIDI processing applications.
Electro Jam Instruments
Electronic Tools to Jam With!
Norwegian music equipment designer and manufacturer
Elektron creates innovative and magnificent electronic musical instruments and devices, with a focus on stellar sound and unlocking creativity.
ELTA music
Electronic-music devices | POLYVOX products Unusual boutique synthesizers, effects pedal, modulars and devices from Riga, Latvia.
Enjoy Electronics
Enjoy Electronics born in ltaly from the passion for music, technology and design of its visionary founders.
Eowave creates intelligent machines for musical exploration and sound design. MiDi controllers, synthesizers and modular made in France
Erica Synths
Eurorack modules and instruments that will turn your performance or studio setup apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions.
Error Instruments
Errorinstruments it’s a shop based in Amsterdam the Netherlands . But also a Brand off Experimental Synthesizers and of course eurorack modules
MIDI and audio interfaces, controller, studio monitors and accessories. ESI offers high quality at fair prices.
Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories
Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories Handcraft Electronic Musical Instruments
Eventide is a USA based manufacturer of high-end effects processors like the legendary Harmonizer®, as well as effects pedals and effect plug-ins.
Expert Sleepers
Manufacturer of Eurorack modules.
Expressive E
Expressive E’s mission is to make music creation more playful and intuitive by giving musicians new ways to interact with sound.
Faded Instruments
Faded Instruments
FC Pro Audio
Finegear creates hardware and software electronic music instruments with a focus on musicality and high quality sound.
Five12 is from Albuquerqe, New Mexico, and makes a software sequencer called Numerology and a eurorack module called the Vector Sequencer.
FL Studio
FL Studio - The DAW powering the world’s best music @Superbooth 23 - BOOTH H125
Electronic musical instruments from Berlin
Floatingpoint Instruments
Floatingpoint Intruments contemporary Electronics for Musicians
Focal is a French manufacturer of studio monitors and headphones.
Frap Audio
Professional Audio Solutions.
Frap Tools
State-of-the-art tools for modular synthesizers, designed and crafted in Italy.
Freqport products are analog hardware processors connected simply by USB. The platform enables analog equipment to be used as software plugins.
Gamechanger Audio
From innovative guitar effects to a motorized synthesizer - Gamechanger Audio creates inspiring tools for music-making.
a long time boutique eurorack company creating those other things
The producer of face plates and enclosures. Family business since 1981. is a worldwide movement of independent electronic live musicians, forming a thriving community, hosting events, a custom shop and more.
Haken Audio
Haken Audio manufactures the Continuum FIngerboard, ContinuuMini, EaganMatrix Modular, and the Control Voltage Converter
Hedd Audio
HEDD | Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs is a high-end audio Berlin based manufacturer founded by Klaus Heinz and Dr. Frederik Knop.
HMT Rüffel GmbH
Since 1993 we are the provider for several of the leading brands worldwide. Housing - Surface - Assembly
iConnectivity is a maker of innovative problem-solving audio and MIDI interfaces for studio and live applications.
IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia is the manufacturer of the awardwinning UNO Synth Pro hardware synthesizer.
Industrial Music Electronics
Industrial Music Electronics
Infinite Devices
Infinite Devices is a German startup that is revolutionizing the AIoT market.
Instruments of Things
Novel controllers for live performances and interactive media based on movement wearables and light sensors.
We make sounds with the things that we make to make sounds with.
Intech Studio
Intech Studio is cool startup founded by friends in Hungary, tinkering with software and hardware in the creative space.
instruments made on earth by humans and machines
Analog drum machines, synthesizer, audio tools und modular with quite a long Berlin tradition
Joranalogue Audio Design
Driven by a passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers a novel series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesiser modules.
Modular Music Handicraft
Kenton Electronics make a wide range of MIDI products that enable you to keep your synths, sequencers and controllers communicating with each other.
Audio Plugins made with love!
Kiviak Instruments
Kiviak Instruments
Eurorack for the connoisseur. Inspiration technology to let you create the difference.
Knas Ekdahl
Knas is a producer of experimental music gear based in the USA
Manufacturers of advanced eurorack modules Poly Cinematic, Kickain and Chord Pilot.
New. Music. Always.
KORG Berlin
KORG Berlin is a transdisciplinary team of ten individuals designing new musical instruments. Curiosity is at the heart of what they do.
Kurzweil Music Systems was founded in 1982 by Ray Kurzweil.
L1V3 is a live performer launching an open source project : a highly programmable DIY MIDI box dedicated to be in the center of your hardware setup
La Voix du Luthier
La Voix du Luthier Onde and Pyramyd Acoustic Resonator The sound of a luthier for your instrument
Lambda Synthetics
λ Presenting the PolyPulse: an unconventional standalone performance workstation for the musician who isn't afraid to experiment. λ
Sound Design instruments, Microphonic Soundbox, Highend Amps for Contact Microphones & DIY Modules.
Lindell Audio
High quality studio outboard at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Designed in Sweden. Compressors, equalizers and 500 modules.
LiveLoop - "The Professional Looping Software for Live Music Performance"
LPZW.modules is a small German brand making Eurorack modules. Our focus is on modules for performance and "groove box" racks.
Magix Software
MAGIX is based in Berlin and has created cutting-edge audio programmes for almost 30 years.
Majella Audio
Majella Audio is a boutique synthesizer manufacturer from the Netherlands. Majella will be showing their flagship instrument: the IMPLEXUS synthesizer
Make Noise
Make Noise
Making Sound Machines
Making Sound Machines are a duo of makers from Düsseldorf Germany. We make Eurorack modules and DIY kits, and use the projects we build to make music.
Manecolabs Uruguay
Manikin Electronic
Electronic music machines from Berlin
Mayer Electronic Music Instruments
Our goal is to produce synthesizers in desktop or Eurorack format using advanced technology. Be it finished devices, DIY kits or customer-specific
Melbourne Instruments
Melbourne Instruments are the creators of NINA, a 12 voice analog polysynth featuring a revolutionary motorised control panel. Nina is available now.
Menura Audio
Menura Audio presents the "MDMX", the first truly modular DJ Mixer from Germany.
MOD Audio
MOD Audio offers a smart standalone devices, powered by cloud services, that makes the musicians’ lives easier and fuels their creativity.
Modal Electronics
Machines for Musicians
Modor Music
Modor Music designs and builds big, white, and very hands-on digital synths and drum machines
ModularGrid is the database and planner tool for modular synthesizers.
MOK - Media Overkill - is an innovative music technology company focused on new forms of audio synthesis and effects.
Moon Modular
The past 15 years we established a full range of modular synthesizer modules and cabinets following the Moog Unit - 5U - standard.
Mordax Systems
Mordax Systems in Vancouver, Washington, USA, are the makers of the DATA Eurorack module and the forthcoming GXN Granular Synthesis System.
Morph Modular
Morph is the new frontier of modular music universe exploration.
We offer high-quality Eurorack analog synthesizer modules designed and crafted in Belgium.
MP Midi
MP MIDI Controller - Control Software Plugins like Hardware
Music Thing Modular (by Thonk)
Open source electronic musical instruments designed in London.
Mystic Circuits
Mystic Circuits ist ein Eurorack Modular Synthesizer-Unternehmen, das sich auf unerforschte Audiobereiche konzentriert.
MyVolts - tabletop power and audio wizards. We love to solve your problems.
Nanopolis presents its very first eurorack module at this Superbooth23, a full polyphonic synthesizer (Wavetable, FM, Virtual Analog, Sample...)
Nebula Instruments
Large Mechanical-acoustic Instruments made of Steel and Glass for Studio Productions, Movie Soundtracks, Sounddesign and Nerds.
Nektar Technology
Nektar Technology's MIDI controller keyboards offer unparalleled remote control for any popular music software.
For decades, Neumann has been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment.
Neuzeit Instruments
Manufacturer of innovative modules for Eurorack. This year: New additive oscillator Warp, 3D binaural audio module Quasar, multi-FX module Orbit.
Node Audio
Node Audio presents Entonal Studio: An intuitive tool enabling microtonal composition within a DAW workflow.
Noise Engineering
Noise Engineering: Exploring and sharing engaging ideas in sound, music, and synthesis
Noise Lab
Noise Lab is a small synthesizer company based in Stockholm that is dedicated to providing musicians with innovative and great-sounding gear!
Nonlinear Labs
Nonlinear Labs is the manufacturer of the C15, a digital synth for those who love to play keys.
Nono Modular
Nono Modular - Space age and rationalism in modular Eurorack format
NORAND is a French manufacturer of analogue synthesizers founded by experienced engineer and live musician Mathieu Frohlich.
Nord Keyboards
Nord Keyboards is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality synthesizers like Nord Wave 2 and Nord Lead A1 as well as stage pianos like Stage 3, Piano 5.
Powerful synth sound with a deep history
NumNum Cases
portable wooden cases for eurorack synthesizer
Oberheim is the 21st century return of the legendary company that helped fuel the original electronic music revolution.
Officina del Malista - Electronic Machines Made in Italy
OK200: Boutique eurorack modules for live performance.
Olivella Modular
Eurorack synth modules from Argentina, with love.
OXI Instruments
OXI Instruments ONE & CORAL
For more than 50 years, Oyaide Electric has been producing a wide range of high-quality cables that raise the sound of music productions and the relia
Patching Panda
Exploring the immense possibilities of sound designing is our passion.
Per-Sonal is an indie audio software development company focussed on making applications to make playing easier.
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers
PLAYdifferently / MODEL 1 & MODEL 1.4
Ploytec GmbH
science for sounder sound
We make Tracker - a product that allows you to make a whole album and performance. More unique hardware devices are coming soon.
Professional Audio Magazin
Professional audio is a specialists magazine for professional recording techniques.
Electronic Musical Instrument Design and Manufacture based in the South of England
Radikal Technologies
Radikal Technologies has been designing and manufacturing synthesizers and Eurorack modules for over 20 years.
Raw Yaw Media
raw yaw media is a eurorack company based out of Seattle, WA
Reason Studios
Reason Studios makes Reason, an always-expanding rack of creative synths, instruments, effects, and sounds.
Reliq Instruments
Reliq Instruments
reProducer Audio Labs
reProducer Audio Labs is a company founded in 2016 that specialises in the development of professional studio monitors.
MIDI hardware and software. is the source of smart, small and nifty MIDI tools
Rides in the storm
Boutique Synthesizer Modules from Berlin & Sofia
Innovative, User friendly and High-Quality Digital Audio Solutions
Robot Dog Music
RobotDogMusic - Just a guy and his dog, making modules to help you communicate with your Eurorack system.
Legendary brand of analog audio mixers, back with a modular vengeance
roger schult german audio lab
roger schult german audio lab has specialized in the development and production of professional studio and audio equipment made in Germany.
Rupert Neve Designs
Rupert Neve Designs is a US manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, and the culmination of over six decades of Mr. Neve’s legendary design work.
Safari Pedals
Pedals for microphones and VST, AU & AAX Audio Plugins for animals. Find out what studio animal you are :)
Sake 36
Sake 36
Schlappi Engineering
Synthesizer modules designed for experimentation, live performance, and the opening of portals.
Schmidt Synthesizer
Schmidt Eight Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
Sebsongs Modular
Sebsongs Modular is a small eurorack module maker from Malmö, Sweden.
Sennheiser - the future of Audio
Sequential is a San Francisco-based synthesizer company founded by synth pioneer and Dave Smith, known for analog design and high quality instruments.
Shakmat Modular
Shakmat makes instruments for musicians made by musicians.
Sifam Controls
Sifam Controls
Silhouette-eins is an optical soundtrack synthesizer. Optical shapes are transformed into musical waves for audio and modulation.
Silvermachines is focused on building performance-oriented, semi-modular analog synthesizers.
Cases that grow with you. Modular eurorack cases & power solutions that can be expanded horizontally and vertically.
Sleepy Circuits
Audiovisual Equipment for Modern Performers
Smem - swiss museum and center for electronic music instruments // a living archive for musical heritage, space for creation and learning
SOMA Laboratory
SOMA Laboratory makes innovative synthesizers and sound tools: LYRA-8, PULSAR-23, TERRA, COSMOS, ETHER, DVINA, ENNER, ORNAMENT, RoAT, THE PIPE
The Japanese company Sonicware produces innovative samplers and desktop synthesizers. New sounds and inspiration for artists!
Eurorack modules with performance in mind.
Maker of dedicated MIDI controllers for vintage-style software synths and Eurorack modules from The Netherlands.
Soundfreak expands the vocabulary of the 4U format through a high-quality modular translation of the VCS 3, officially licensed by EMS.
soundmachines - modular synthesizers made in Italy
SPL electronics GmbH
Since 1983 we are developing audio gear for music, film, multimedia, hi-fi and broadcasting.
Solid State Logic - During 50 years of innovation, SSL has evolved to become the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio
st3nD - STABLE tabletop STANDS for MIDI controllers SYNTHS.
Studio Electronics
Studio Electronics is a manufacturer of premium quality analog rackmount-synthesizers, desktop-synthesizers, eurorack modules and modular systems.
Studiologic is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality digital pianos, master keyboards, synthesizers and midi controllers.
SUCOFUNK builds beatmaker's sketchbook, a portable Open Source samplesequencer / groovebox with DIY potential.
Superlative Instruments
Back at the booth with something new
Swamp Flux
Swamp Flux, from South Carolina USA, creates Eurorack controllers using recycling and silliness.
SYNTH-WERK is handcrafting 5U Modules and Systems
Synthesizer Studio Berlin
The Synthesizer-Studio Berlin hosts a fine collection of vintage analog and digital synthesizers. Ready to record.
Synthetic State
Synthetic State is an Amsterdam-based audio-visual equipment manufacturer.
Synthronics - Keeping vintage gear new
Synthstrom Audible
Synthstrom Audible - Boutique electronics from Wellington, New Zealand. Home of the Deluge.
Synthux Academy
Learn how to design your own instruments and effects, using our synth design platform - Simple. Come check it out!
Analog video synthesis and glitch processing modules in Eurorack format.
tangible waves
tangible waves produces the super compact, really low-cost modular synth system AE modular. Perfect for starters and for STEM education!
Tasty Chips Electronics
We make intuitive and progressive hardware synthesizers and effects. In 2017 we created the GR-1: the first real granular hardware synth.
Teenage Engineering
from reimagining music making and listening, to playful design - teenage engineering are dedicated to creativity, with inventions designed to inspire.
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur
High-end analog outboard devices from Berlin
Tempera: a granular playground
Tesseract Modular
Tesseract Modular is a young Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of eurorack modular synthesisers.
Theresyn is a hybrid instrument of Theremin and a synthesizer. This has unique features such as sympathetic strings, touchpad,,,
This Is Not Rocket Science
This is Not Rocket Science is a small scale synth manufacturer from Amsterdam. We make digital and analog audio with flying colours. We make beep!
Tiptop Audio
Tiptop Audio makes fine Eurorack products and solutions.
Torso Electronics
Algorithmic hardware sequencing - Create percussive polyrhythmic sequences and explore endless melodic variations
Touellskouarn, Squaring your sines since 2010.
Tubbutec is a Berlin based manufacturer of vintage synth upgrades and eurorack modules.
Twisted Electrons - Turning old chips into new synths
We make synthesizers and effects.
UDO Audio
Founded in 2018 by synth designer George Hearn, UDO is an electronic musical instrument company based in Bristol, UK.
Valco FX
The Valco KGB Series is the ultimate analog Distortion/Fuzz device for your Synths, Drum Machines, and Samplers.
Vaski Embedded
Instrument engineering for creative control
Vector is an experimental exploratory hardware desktop synthesizer built by a small company in Prague
Venus Instruments
audio devices for sonic exploration
Verbos Electronics
Verbos Electronics modules are proudly designed and assembled in our Berlin workshop.
Electronic musical instruments, sound machines and eurorack modules made in Germany’s Musikwinkel.
VoicAs is a manufacturer from Israel. The experienced team has specialized in the development and manufacture of Eurorack modules.
Waldorf Music
For more than 30 years, the brand Waldorf has been a synonym for high quality synthesizers made in Germany.
Weston Precision Audio
High quality, music-minded, mostly analog modular synthesizers from Portland, Oregon.
WMD designs highly versatile modules for sound design and live performance, invigorating creativity and confidence in artists.
WORNG Electronics
WORNG Electronics design eurorack synth modules for the sonically adventurous
Xaoc Devices
Xaoc Devices is the premier modular synthesizer company from Poland. We offer inspiring and uncompromising Eurorack modules for the discerning user.
XOR Electronics
XOR Electronics. Eurorack sequencing in the vertical way!
Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Welcome to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH. We are looking forward to you visiting us on SUPERBOOTH 2023!
Michael Zähl has over 35 years of experience designing & manufacturing analogue audio equipment.Consistently analog, yet there is no vintage approach.
WE’RE ZOOM. AND WE’RE FOR CREATORS. Zoom makes electronics for the world's creators.
Żłob Modular
Ornate, Compact: Eurorack Analog Modular Instruments Handmade in Chicago, IL USA since 2015.