Messe and Exhibitors

Here you can find all confirmed exhibitors for Superbooth23 with their brand detail site.


Straight from Los Angeles, we manufacture innovative electronic music products for desktop and eurorack, including samplers, digital mixers, granular
2 Many Synths
Solid Oak Eurorack cases & stands for synthesizers. Handmade in the Netherlands using a lasercutter, woodworking tools & lots of enthusiasm!
AJH Synth
Quality analogue synth modules from UK
UK Synt manufacturer focussing on innovative, creative and fun Eurorack modules.
Animal Factory Amplification
Beastly pedals and Eurorack modules, built with love and pride in Bombay, India
Apollo View Modular
We are a new boutique Eurorack company from the UK. Our aim is to provide music makers with quality modules that provide that ‘special sauce’.
Audio Blast
Audio Blast
Backpullver Software
Backpullver Software
Best Service
Best Service
Founded in 2009, Bitwig GmbH is a Berlin-based music technology company.
Dannysound (by Thonk)
Dannysound is a small Berlin based electronics company, specialising in the design of Eurorack modular synthesisers.
Deimel Guitarworks
We build electric guitars and basses on customer needs! We love new sound options!
ELTA music
Erica Synths
Eurorack modules and instruments that will turn your performance or studio setup apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions.
Eventide is a USA based manufacturer of high-end effects processors like the legendary Harmonizer®, as well as effects pedals and effect plug-ins.
Expert Sleepers
Manufacturer of Eurorack modules.
Five12 is from Albuquerqe, New Mexico, and makes a software sequencer called Numerology and a eurorack module called the Vector Sequencer.
The producer of face plates end enclosures.
Haken Audio
Haken Audio manufactures the Continuum FIngerboard, ContinuuMini, EaganMatrix Modular, and the Control Voltage Converter
HMT Rüffel GmbH
Since 1993 we are the provider for several of the leading brands worldwide. Housing - Surface - Assembly
We make sounds with the things that we make to make sounds with.
Intech Studio
Intech Studio is cool startup founded by friends in Hungary, tinkering with software and hardware in the creative space.
Joranalogue Audio Design
Driven by a passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers a novel series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesiser modules.
Eurorack for the connoisseur. Inspiration technology to let you create the difference.
Kurzweil Music Systems was founded in 1982 by Ray Kurzweil.
La Voix du Luthier
La Voix du Luthier Onde and Pyramyd Acoustic Resonator The sound of a luthier for your instrument
Make Noise
Make Noise
Making Sound Machines
Making Sound Machines are a duo of makers from Düsseldorf Germany. We make Eurorack modules and DIY kits, and use the projects we build to make music.
Moon Modular
The past 14 years we established a full range of modular synthesizer modules and cabinets following the Moog Unit - 5U - standard.
MP MIDI Controller - Control Software Plugins like Hardware
Music Thing Modular (by Thonk)
Open source electronic musical instruments designed in London.
Mystic Circuits
Mystic Circuits ist ein Eurorack Modular Synthesizer-Unternehmen, das sich auf unerforschte Audiobereiche konzentriert.
Noise Engineering
Noise Engineering
Noise Lab
Noise Lab is a small synthesizer company based in Stockholm that is dedicated to providing musicians with innovative and great-sounding gear!
Nonlinear Labs
Nonlinear Labs is the manufacturer of the C15, a digital synth for those who love to play keys.
Nord Keyboards
Nord Keyboards is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality synthesizers like Nord Wave 2 and Nord Lead A1 as well as stage pianos like Stage 3, Piano 5.
Ploytec GmbH
science for sounder sound
We make Tracker - a product that allows you to make a whole album and performance. More unique hardware devices are coming soon.
Reliq Instruments
Reliq Instruments
MIDI hardware and software. is the source of smart, small and nifty MIDI tools
Rides in the storm
Boutique Synthesizer Modules made in Berlin
Legendary brand of analog audio mixers, back with a modular vengeance
roger schult german audio lab
Roger Schult German Audio Lab
Shakmat Modular
Shakmat makes instruments for musicians made by musicians.
Silhouette-eins is an optical soundtrack synthesizer. Optical shapes are transformed into musical waves for audio and modulation.
SOMA Laboratory
Romantic Engineering
Eurorack modules with performance in mind.
Maker of dedicated MIDI controllers for vintage-style software synths and Eurorack modules from The Netherlands.
SPL electronics GmbH
Since 1983 we are developing audio gear for music, film, multimedia, hi-fi and broadcasting.
Studio Electronics
Studio Electronics is a manufacturer of premium quality analog rackmount-synthesizers, desktop-synthesizers, eurorack modules and modular systems.
SYNTH-WERK is handcrafting 5U Modules and Systems
tangible waves
tangible waves produces the super compact, really low-cost modular synth system AE modular. Perfect for starters and for STEM education!
Tasty Chips Electronics
We make intuitive and progressive hardware synthesizers and effects. In 2017 we created the GR-1: the first real granular hardware synth.
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur
Theresyn is a hybrid instrument of Theremin and a synthesizer. This has unique features such as sympathetic strings, touchpad,,,
This Is Not Rocket Science
This is Not Rocket Science is a small scale synth manufacturer from Amsterdam. We make digital and analog audio with flying colours. We make beep!
Tiptop Audio
Tiptop Audio makes fine Eurorack products and solutions.
Torso Electronics
Algorithmic hardware sequencing - Create percussive polyrhythmic sequences and explore endless melodic variations
UDO Audio
Founded in 2018 by synth designer George Hearn, UDO is an electronic musical instrument company based in Bristol, UK.
Vaski Embedded
Vaski Embedded
Electronic musical instruments, sound machines and eurorack modules made in Germany’s Musikwinkel.
Weston Precision Audio
Weston Precision Audio
Xaoc Devices
Xaoc Devices is the premier modular synthesizer company from Poland. We offer inspiring and uncompromising Eurorack modules for the discerning user.
Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Welcome to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH. We are looking forward to you visiting us on SUPERBOOTH 2022!
WE’RE ZOOM. AND WE’RE FOR CREATORS. Zoom makes electronics for the world's creators.